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A sciatica chair is a specially designed ergonomic seating device used to relieve the agony of sciatic nerve pain while sitting down. Sitting back pain is a common condition experienced by the majority of patients with lower back and leg pain conditions, although there is nothing inherently painful about a seated posture and sitting is not bad for your spine.

This article provides some basic information about why some patients endure heightened symptoms while seated and how a proper chair might help to curb these expressions in some instances. Please also read our follow up article detailing chairs for sciatica pain.

Types of Sciatica Chairs

Ergonomic office style chairs are very popular and usually feature multiple adjustments, high wide armrests and extra cushioning on the seat and back. These chairs are made to help support and comfort the spine while seated for extended periods of time. Ergonomic chairs are ideal for maintaining proper posture when working.

Kneeling chairs are another option for patients who can not tolerate even the most comfortable standard ergonomic chairs. Kneeling chairs place the body in a completely different position, which helps to eliminate back pain in many patients. These chairs are a bit unusual and most patients will require time to acclimate to their use.

Finally, there are a wide range of massage chairs which actively treat sciatica symptoms with soothing therapeutic massage action. These chairs are very popular for many types of back pain and offer people without pain a relaxing experience, as well.

Sciatica Chair Facts

Sitting is a normal activity and should not elicit pain in most patients. The fact that it does produce symptoms in many people is typically due to a combination of the nocebo effect provided by doctors and therapists who warn against sitting and a conditioned response which is built up inside the patient’s mind.

While sitting does increase pressure in the lower spine, this is a completely normal occurrence and our evolution has prepared to us to sit comfortably for countless generations. Finding the perfect chair is unlikely to make your sitting experience much better, except by placebo effect.

It may be advised to use knowledge therapy to repudiate the incorrect, but deeply held belief that sitting is inherently bad for your back. This treatment might help some patients to sit in any chair without discomfort, once they realize the true nature of their pain in relation to their belief system. If you feel there is a mindbody or programmed component to pain that is experienced while sitting, then this may be the right treatment path for you.

Sciatica Chair Buyer's Guide

Sitting has been the bane of my existence for much of the time that I have endured horrific lumbar back pain and constant sciatica. The very thought of sitting can make my back hurt. I have tried many different style of chairs, but I still had the problem. I simply adjusted my lifestyle to sit as little as possible. I know, this is a poor solution, but a person must do whatever they can to minimize their pain sometimes.

I invite chair companies to submit any of their products for review. I would love to be able to tell all of you that there is some excellent seating device available to help us find relief from our torturous symptoms, but so far, I have yet to find any.

If you have found a chair worth trying, please write to us and let us know. We would love to share the information with the readership.

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