Efficacy of Sciatica Massage Chairs

Sciatica Massage Chairs

Sciatica massage chairs are one of the many ways of treating sciatica at home without relying on pharmaceutical pain management modalities. Massage chairs are very popular among back pain sufferers, since they can provide a dependable source of relief for a variety of painful complaints and actually pay for themselves over time, compared to the cost of professional massage therapy services which do not build equity. Remember, once the chair is paid off, you will not have any recurring costs.

A quality massage chair can last a lifetime. It can provide benefits to the entire family, in terms of relaxation, pain relief and improved circulation. Although massage chairs can be costly, they are usually a good investment for patients who demonstrate positive results from previous forms of massage treatment.

This essay will provide a guide to understanding how massage chairs can be utilized to effectively treat some forms of sciatica symptoms.

What are Sciatica Massage Chairs?

Massage chairs are specially designed seating devices which have built-in robotics to provide a relaxing, stimulating or deep tissue massage. Massage chairs come in all levels of quality and price, ranging from cheap and ineffective toys to high-end luxurious chairs which provide an amazing therapeutic experience.

Sciatica sufferers deal with back and leg pain, making a massage chair a less obvious choice, since the chair can not easily treat the legs as well as the back.

However, many manufacturers have addressed this issue by adding pull-out leg massage apparatus or even massage ottomans to the traditional chair design, making them ideal for sciatica patients, as well as general back and neck pain sufferers.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs can help to provide soothing light relaxation or can help by performing vigorous massage techniques, based on how they are programmed. Depending on the underlying source of your sciatica symptoms, the benefits provided by a massage chair may be few or many.

Muscular pain conditions respond much better to massage therapy than spinal sources, such as herniated discs or spinal osteoarthritis.

Ischemia conditions which drive many chronic sciatic nerve complaints will typically enjoy temporary relief from massage, but the pain will inevitably return a short time after the massage ends.

Obviously, the quality of the chair will also help dictate the level of benefits provided. Poor robotics will produce a substandard massage, while sophisticated engineering will provide a human-like touch which can truly be heavenly to experience.

Sciatica Massage Chairs Advice

Massage chairs come in all possible forms and finishes. There are faux leather chairs with plastic moving parts and there are chairs made from the highest grade components. There are full reclining lounges and there are simple cushions which must be placed on a regular chair. There are even massage cushions for your car seat.

Finding massage chairs is not difficult, but finding the right chair for you may be a challenge. My advice is to never buy sight unseen. It is better to try out any chair first to be sure it is a good fit for your expectations and preferences. If possible, try to get an in-home trial so you can fully evaluate the efficacy of the device prior to paying for it. Once you find one you like, the rest is easy; Just sit back and relax.

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