What Does That Sciatica Machine Do?

Sciatica Machine

There are many varieties of sciatica machines that are used to treat back and leg pain at home or in a professional setting. While some medical devices may be useful or even proven to relieve some varieties of sciatic nerve pain, the vast majority of home use products are a complete waste of money, usually offering patients no comfort and a double dose of frustration on wasting more of that hard earned money on some ridiculous piece of plastic.

As always, when considering purchasing a sciatica treatment device for home use, take time to research the apparatus and do not purchase it if you have any doubts of its safety or effectiveness.

Over 30 years of involvement in the back and neck pain patient advocacy sector has proven many unmentionable facts to me. One of the worst is the eagerness of many companies to take advantage of a patient’s suffering by marketing them any old piece of garbage which they can make money on, despite the scam product having no benefit whatsoever. No wonder most home use products are never submitted to any health organization or the FDA for evaluation. 

Professional Grade Sciatica Machines

Professional sciatica treatment devices may consist of various tools used by chiropractors, such as trigger point therapy aids, or large scale machines, such as spinal decompression units like the DRX9000.

In order for a device to work in a professional setting, the care provider must be well versed in its use and the therapy must be indicated for the diagnosed condition at hand. In most cases, sciatica doctors are experts at applying these treatments, but sometimes inadvertently use them on misdiagnosed conditions. This helps to explain why so many therapy options fail miserably.

The benefits of professional treatment include a better chance at symptomatic relief and a reduced risk of getting ripped off, as long as you receive care from a real doctor in a regulated country. The potential cons include ongoing higher costs and still no guarantee that any given device will do anything at all to cure your pain.

Before spending that cash, take some time to learn more about any treatment device and consider getting a second opinion on the therapy from a provider who does not offer it. This will help provide better objectivity.

Home-Use Sciatica Machines

Sciatica home remedies often use various devices, as well. These may range from inversion machines to a wide range of home treatment apparatus which are marketed specifically towards lower back and leg pain sufferers. While virtually every device will cite extensive research and proven results, I find this to be little more than a fabrication in most cases and an utter lie in others. Check the sources of this research before believing any of it. In many cases, you will discover that the testimonials are all self written by the manufacturer and the research results are also paid for by the people marketing the device. It is incorrigible.

Although I get tons of advertising requests from these products, I have never aligned myself with any, since I see no proof that they work at all. I correspond with tens of thousands of patients a year and never get positive feedback on any of them. I wish this were not the case, but until proven otherwise, I am a critic and a skeptic of these devices, since I believe many to be useless for treating pain of any sort. Hopefully, someday, one will prove me wrong. I look forward to it.

Consumer Advice Regarding Sciatica Machines

Be careful with how you spend your money. It is bad enough to have sciatica to begin with, but to be taken advantage of and sold some nonsensical device, at a high price, is insult on top of literal injury.

Do not believe the hype of many sciatica machines which promise the world and deliver nothing but bitter disappointment. If you do want to take the chance, try to invest in products with a solid money-back guarantee. This way, you stand little to lose, except time and some running around to return the item if and when it proves to be less than advertised.

Remember one thing of note in every case. There can be many causes of sciatica and it is crucial to find treatment which targets the actual source of pain. If you can not achieve this, you will never find relief, despite professional or home care. This must be your priority when planning any home based or medical treatment plan. Best of luck!

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