Buying a Sciatica Mattress

Sciatica Mattress

A sciatica mattress is one of the many financial investments that suffering patients might make in order to find lasting relief from their chronic back and leg pain misery. While a good mattress is crucial for overall comfort, it will not typically be enough to enact a real cure for sciatica or any other serious back or neck pain condition.

This discussion will feature some facts about different types of mattresses and how each sleeping product might provide particular benefits for sciatica sufferers.

Memory Foam Sciatica Mattress

Tempurpedic and memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers are extremely popular among sciatica patients. They are marketed as being potential cures for back pain, by eliminating uncomfortable pressure points which are aggravated by a reclined position. There is little evidence that these pressure points are the source of any chronic back pain, although it is certainly possible to feel tight and sore if you sleep in an unusual position.

That being said, I do own one of these myself, since I love the comfort it provides. I purchased a 4” generic brand memory foam topper to go on my traditional mattress and I love the feel of it. Although not a cure for any pain I have, this combination is surely a great way to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy an occasional restful nap.

Warning: Memory foam may be a poor choice for patients who prefer the firmest of bedding offerings.

Air Chamber Sciatica Mattress

Sleep Number, and other styles of inflatable mattresses, are innovative options for people who like varying firmness to their sleep surface. These products are particularly good for couples who share a bed, but do not share the same sleep surface firmness preferences.

Sleep Number beds allow each person to inflate or deflate the mattress to a level of comfort which suits their tastes. I have tried out these beds at some trade shows and was impressed with their quality and versatility. Beware of lower quality versions which might not stand the test of time as well as the name brands.

Futons and Orthopedic Sciatica Mattress Styles

Futons are a popular bedding style in Asia. These are cotton filled mattresses without the internal springs and metal components inherent to Western mattresses.I own several in my home and have always found them to be very comfortable, especially once broken in a bit.

Orthopedic mattresses are usually quite firm and might even be uncomfortably hard for some sleepers. These high-end products can be very expensive, but still present a typical mattress profile with internal springs wrapped in a padded shell. I have one under my memory foam topper and find it fine as a sleeping surface. However, it is not expensive and I personally have not noticed a huge difference in beds costing several hundred dollars, compared to those priced at several thousand.

I would avoid the cheapest innerspring bedding, but find middle priced mattresses to be more than sufficient for providing both comfort and value.

Sciatica Mattress Guide

When it comes down to it, you must buy what is comfortable to you. There are plenty of guidelines when it comes to buying a mattress, but I say throw these out and find something which suits your sleeping needs and wants.

The main criteria of any sleep surface are that it provides a sound night’s sleep and a restful anatomical position. Being that each person has different ideas about comfort, it is expected that not everyone will agree on the ideal bed. Take your time and shop around.

Beware of buying any bedding sight unseen. Instead, try out several styles and pick the one which feels best when you actually recline upon it. If you can get an in-home trial for a month or so, even better.

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